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Poker: Just How Many People Are Playing It Every Month?

Poker is no doubt a popular card game among betting and gambling aficionados. It is also an incredibly old game, since its origins can be traced to the sixteenth century. However, it was until 2003 that the game shot into the mainstream. Today, many variations of the game – most notably Texas hold’em – have […]

How popular is poker in Europe

Europe has a rich history with poker. The game was popular with the elite back in the19th century before making a move to the United States where it has grown and has been enhanced. Although many historians and authors argue that the game initially originated from Persia (modern Iraq and lran), it is believed that […]

Poker Profits are growing and how

According to scholarly studies, poker is quite a profitably market. Whether or not it is an individual’s past time, what someone does professionally or something one may play a few times – simply when going to Las Vegas for example – it is estimated that in just one year, poker brings in over 3.5 billion […]

Current status of the Gaming Industry

The global gaming industry is currently valued at about 100 Billion dollars annually, as compared to to ten years ago when it was 9.5 Billion dollars annually. There has been a steady increase in sales year on year with new records being set every year, and developments in the gaming industry are just starting to […]