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How popular is poker in Europe

How popular is poker in Europe

Europe has a rich history with poker. The game was popular with the elite back in the19th century before making a move to the United States where it has grown and has been enhanced. Although many historians and authors argue that the game initially originated from Persia (modern Iraq and lran), it is believed that the modern form of poker being played has its roots in Europe. After a century being away, poker is finally making a return in the Europe. 

There are some key factors that have facilitated to this. They include; The World Series of Poker Europe: This is the highest level tournament that is an expansion of the famous World Series of Poker. It has been branded by many as poker tournament held outside the United States. Ever since 1970, anyone who wanted to participate in the World Series Poker had to travel to Las Vegas. Back in 2007, 

The World Series of Poker Europe was inaugurated and marked the first time ever, the World’s Series of Poker was awarded outside the United States. Ever since its inauguration, the tournament has gained popularity and has witnessed rising talents compete at this tournament. 

The Rise of Extremely Talented Players: Europe has witnessed the rise of extremely talented poker players, with the likes of Peter Eastgate, who became the first ever European player to win the world’s premier poker tournament back in 2008. This has opened doors for other players to follow on his footsteps. Online Poker: The comeback of poker tournament somehow coincided with the rise of online stores. The likes of Viktor aElisildur1′ Blom and other talented online players have opened doors for others to take that path. 

Liberal Attitude Towards Poker: The United Kingdom is considered to have a more liberal attitude towards poker compared to other European countries. This has led more people to make the United Kingdom their home. It has also attracted more players from Australia and the United States. Poker was once considered an American game, but recently it has been gaining popularity in the Europe too. It is estimated that the game will keep growing provided people facilitate its growth.

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