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Poker: Just How Many People Are Playing It Every Month?

Poker is no doubt a popular card game among betting and gambling aficionados. It is also an incredibly old game, since its origins can be traced to the sixteenth century. However, it was until 2003 that the game shot into the mainstream. Today, many variations of the game – most notably Texas hold’em – have been developed, and its now common to find players enjoying the game in private homes, online poker sites, private clubs and casinos around the world.

Poker Statistics

Just how popular is poker? How many people are playing the game globally? According to Topline Findings published by Poker Players Research, about 7million people play poker for real money at least once a month. Of these, 5 million play in their private homes, while 2 million play in private clubs (

Additional Statistics

Overall, there are over 40 million poker players around the world. About of half of these people (23 million) are based in the United States. Other countries where poker is popular among the adult population include Germany, France, Canada, United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Finally, one can only expect the number of poker play to keep rising. As Internet penetration increases across the world, more people will have access to online poker sites. So, whether you play poker socially for entertainment or professionally for an income, you are one of the many millions of people enjoying the game!

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